Educational Research Study

Research Description

Our goal with the launch of our classes was to expose students earlier on to research and to help them build fundamental research skills. Other universities have developed similar courses in other fields but have approached the task in different ways. We feel that our classes has a very unique structure. In particular, we believe that the integration of bench and computational work, as well as its undergraduate leadership sets our courses apart from other courses. We would like to relay the progress and effects of our course to our peers at other institutions, so that other students may benefit as well.

Research Team

Akira Nishii

Jenna Manske

Salwan Butrus

Kevin Greenman

Sara Alektiar

Irina Kopyeva

Eshita Khera

Akshay Rao


Development and Implementation of an Introductory Chemistry Laboratory Course by Undergraduate Students: Expanding the Responsibility for Instructional Design and Delivery. Journal of College Science Teaching. (Manuscript in preparation)

Butrus, S., Greenman, K., Khera, E., Kopyeva, I., & Nishii, A. (2020). An Undergraduate-Led, Research-Based Course That Complements a Traditional Chemical Engineering Curriculum. Chemical Engineering Education, 54(4), 97-106.